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OSMO-BlackWing is a Stabilizer, for Both OSMO Models:

OSMO-BlackWing Stabilizer

OSMO-Mobile Stabilizer mounted on a tripod as an example. The rest of the plate can be used to mount; Microphone, LED light, etc.

OSMO-4K model will fit exactly the same way (not shown). On the left, a Quick Release-set used with this model. The Phone-Clip will mount on the left side with a QR-Plate (included).

(See picture above for the phone-mount)

If you don’t need a tripod mount, you can use the QR-set for microphone or LED light attachment.

*Note: Quick Release-Set reference as (QR Set)

Everything is installed

1- The only thing you need to do, is add the QR receiver (included) to your own tripod.
2- Attach your OSMO model and you’re ready to go. phone-video-recording

QR Set for Tripod Mount

Smart-Phone Secure Clip

Floating connector for OSMO

MoJo PRO Platform

QR Set for Phone Holder

Accessory bracket phone-video-recording phone-video-recording

‘Flashlight Mode’ This platform has a ‘floating’ point connection for quick adjustment.

You can rotate DJI OSMO to any position as show here. The platform is level for your accessories and comfortable filming experience. phone-video-recording

TOP View


Take a look at this video sample below

It was shot with DJI-Mobile stabilizer and mounted on OSMO-BlackWing platform. Without the platform you can NOT do these ‘micro’ panning with any gimbal stabilizer. We know, we tried and failed. We invented this rig so we can shoot anything and make it look as if it was mounted on a tripod.

Not only that, but holding the rig with both hands is a lot more comfortable and practical. Next time when your arm and hand gets tired holding the DJI rig by itself, think of our product. Your life could be so much easier to film long sequences and don’t have to stop after a minute or so :)

A TIP for you, how the video was shot:

The Shoulder-Strap helps to keep the rig steadier by pushing the Rig slightly against it.  Elbows against the body, if possible. The Micro-Panning mode was accomplished by turning the torso only and keep the Rig firmly, pointing ahead.

What’s in the  package

1ea. Ergonomic hand-grip
1ea. Smart phone secure mount & extension
1ea. CNC machined, aluminum platform
2ea. Precision QR sets (receiver and plate)
1ea. Ball-joint
1ea. Shoulder strap and packet of hardware

OSMO-BlackWing is assembled and tested in the USA

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Free Shipping in USA phone-video-recording

Please Note:
Accessory, Camera, DJI-Mobile shown in the pictures are not included.

When attaching your OSMO device, place both assembly on a surface. Turn knob until secure. phone-video-recording

Stand it up on a flat surface, align both hand-grips and tighten knob firmly.

Changing OSMO grip position, open knob slightly, move it to position, re-tighten knob firmly. phone-video-recording phone-video-recording phone-video-recording

Adjustable Phone mount and -Floating- connection for easy position adjust. Shown in ‘flash light- mode… in horizontal, yet keeps phone facing operator. phone-video-recording

Tilt LCD or phone for better view

Floating point connection for quick adjust

Any Questions?

Before you buy, ask us anything about this product. We’ll reply within 24 hrs.

Ship free in the USA. All other countries, ask us for shipping costs before you make a purchase.


We support film makers

We would like you to know we support selected film-festivals, film projects, film makers, actors around the world.

When you make a purchase, part of the profit will be used to help talented film makers.

 * Camera and accessory shown in the images not included with purchase of BlackWing platform.

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