New BlackWing HG-5

A complete kit for those who wish to use flexible positions when shooting with the BlackWing portable mount. The spring clip able to receive  any mobile phone up to 4” wide. That includes nearly all the phones . Yes, the iPhone-6 and Samsung also fits like a glove. The spring clip lined with soft rubber grips to protect your phone . Not necessary to remove your phone from its protective case, unlike with other products.

1) To use, simply press, open and insert your phone.
2) Adjust the angle of your phone for a comfortable view.
2) Tighten side screw and you’re ready to shoot.


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Shown with a 3.06” wide phone, (with protective case) same size as the iPhone-6Plus, Samsung, etc.

Super strong soft grip. Firmly holds phone and can’t slip out accidentally.

* Camera and accessory shown in the images not included with purchase of BlackWing platform.

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What else you can do with this  BlackWing HG product after you shot your video?

Leave your phone in it, flip it around and place it on your desk. Kick back and play the movie. You can do the same with all phones and models as shown here with a Nokia-1020. When you’re done, grab the handle and ready to shoot again.

This will also becomes a convenient night-table stand as well. Easy to see who’s calling without picking up the phone.

Take a look how a film maker in New York used our BlackWing to create “Romance in New York” short movie.



This is how it looks without the cell-phone at normal position. You can use it in this setting, but you should adjust it as described in the next panel >>>>>

When you hold the hand-grip, the clip should be turned parallel to your field of vision.

This is the most comfortable position for your wrist to hold the hand-grip.

Take a look at the pictures below. The cell-phone is moved to the left of the center. This gives you an easier view of the screen and additional support with your left hand, if needed. You may also find buttons on the top where the clip’s clamping action may trigger it. Look for a spot where the clip can hold the phone without pressing any button.

Your View


Your View


Your View


You can hold your cell-phone with one hand, but it is much steadier if you gently support it with your left hand.  

Notice the WRIST is in a NATURAL position this way. The unit may not look symmetrical, but this is the correct way to use the product. Experiment, fine tune the angle and position to suit you better.

Your View





How to Use the BlackWing

Free Shipping in US

Free Shipping in US

Portable solutions for your jittery video

Shooting with phone/cameras gives you jittery video if you hand hold it long enough. Lets face it, it’s tiring to hold a device in your hand for more than a minute and keep it steady. For those of you who shoot movies VERTICAL, because it’s such a hassle to do it the correct way, here’s your answer. Nothing can be simpler than insert the phone into one of our devices.

We have many cool rigs for you here. Now you can shoot those ‘Pro’ videos you always wanted. We tested these rigs with different phone/cameras. They all work with our BlackWing portable platform.

BlackWing HG-1 for GoPro

Here’s a quick change GoPro rig for you

We put together a rig for your GoPro Hero. No matter what GoPro-Hero model you have, just slide it into our HG-1 model. Takes less than two seconds and you’re ready to shoot. Time is an essence when you record action shots.

There are times, when you want to record something that don’t require a helmet, tripod or straps. Insert your GoPro into our HG-1 rig and now you’ll have a comfortable platform to shoot for long as you wish. Take a look at the video clip below as an example. It was recorded with the new GoPro-Hero-5-Black product.


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Fits all GoPro-HERO models