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FotoSafariProducts Instructions Contact about This page is Still under construction But you can see what we’ve got so far sponsoring this fotosafaridude page to help you  become a better film maker and MoJo (Mobile Journalist) reporter.  DIY modifications for photo/video gear to use with the BlackWing-PRO.

Shoulder Rig Modification

Some people prefer to shoot with a shoulder rig. You can buy this off-the-shelf product and make a small modification. Modification for the shoulder mount to be more rigid and better fit for the BlackWing-PRO or the OSMO-BlackWing platforms.
Click on this link for this shoulder rig model.

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BlackWing-PRO and shoulder rig.jpg BlackWing-PRO and shoulder rig.jpg Remove the flanged screw assembly by clamping the  threaded part. Twisting the knob and pulling it out at the  same time. It’ll take some muscle power to get it out :) Finished assembly should look like this with the Quick Release installed Use a washer and a 1/4-20 Nut like this Tighten the 1/4-20 nut with this knob firmly Drill out this hole with a 1/4” drill 1/4-20 screw 3/4” long PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod-shoulder-rig PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod-shoulder-rig blackwing-Pro attached to a shoulder rig.jpg

 BlackWing-PRO attached

Slot is clear, removed screw/knob assembly

When traveling, don’t take too much stuff with you. Learn to make do with less. The BlackWing-PRO platform is all you need in most cases… and maybe this shoulder rig :)

Practical Examples of the BlackWing Plaform fotosafaridude image for fotosafari products