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BlackWing-Lens Shade/Cokin P-series

Cokin P-series ‘lens shade’

BlackWing/Cokin P-Series  Lens Shade

A perfect example: Notice how the BlackWing Lens Shade ABSORB light on the left?
(That’s why you can’t see the details in this photo)

Unlike the lens-shade on the right, it bounces the light around on shiny surfaces and into your lens/image. This photo was taken as you see it and not edited or manipulated to show the difference between a well designed lens hood and a poorly made import.

Our lens hood will not vignette as the square one does with most wide angle lenses

Cokin-P series ‘lens shade’ Wide open area to more unwanted light to enter. Poor design and not useful for Pro shooters.

Closed area with curved rear section to keep out stray light. Yet, you can still use all filter slots with ease and full function

We made this lens hood from a special material to absorb much stray light as possible. Inside and outside the surface has thousands of micro ridges to makes this happen.

Each of these lens hood are 3-D printed to our micro specification to accomplish stray light blocking. No commercial tooling can be made to cheaply injection mold these parts because it would be impossible to remove it from the mold due to complexity of the surface pattern.

Consider this BlackWing/Cokin Lens Shade as a ‘Black Hole’ that consumes light … and it may get a little warm out in the blazing sun :)

That’s just a small trade-off to get a crisper, contrast image.

What’s in the  package

Use it with DSLR or any cameras

Use it with Camcorders

360 view, click to play

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 * Camera and accessory shown in the images not included with purchase of BlackWing platform.

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1ea. BlackWing/Cokin P-Series Lens Shade

FREE GIFT included!

Cokin P-Series body kit with assorted lens adapter rings and ND-filters in a nice case.

Please note: these filters are resin (not glass) but usable for general purpose and will give you good results.

If you’re a PRO photographer, you’re most likely already have a Cokin-P series filter adapter and glass filters.

The BlackWing-Lens Shade Designed, Manufactured, Assembled and Tested in the USA


Filter set is imported from China and given away with this product as a free accessory kit

We guarantee only our BlackWing-Lens-Shade product to be free of manufacturing defect. Guarantee does not cover abuse of this product, careless handling, damage during shipment. If the package is damaged do not open it or  accept it, ask shipper to return it to us. We will send you  a replacement.

The FREE gift is not guaranteed for manufacturing defects because we are not the manufacturer.

Four Point latching for
secure mount per side

Cokin P-series Body
and ring set example