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BlackWing Power-Grip is a Mobile Phone, Camcorder Stabilizer phone-video-recording phone-video-recording phone-video-recording

Too Bright, Can’t See the Screen?

Make a Sun-Shade From A Plastic Sheet

Not enough Light?

Snap on a portable LED light phone-video-recording

Need a Better Audio Recording?

Snap On a Portable Stereo Recorder and Feed the Audio to Your Phone

Please Note:

- Extra QR set is not included on the accessory bracket. You may purchase it separately or combine it with your order.

- Accessories shown in the above pictures are NOT included.

- Sun-Shade example is a DIY item. You can make it yourself from a cardboard or a thin plastic sheet, available from any hardware store. We made that from a ‘For Sale’ sign and spray painted black.

- You don’t need an extra QR set and most of the accessories you can mount with a 1/4-20 screw. However it will take time for you to install/uninstall an accessory.
Using a QR set makes it efficient and practical.

Use it With Your Camcorder

Perfect hand-stabilization for any Camcorder, DSLR or Pocket cameras. No need to drag out your gimbal stabilization rig. This hand-grip alone will eliminate most of the shaky-cam footage. (Camcorder shown is a 4K Panasonic mid-size camcorder) phone-video-recording-CAMCORDER

Phone mount adjust

Secure phone mount

Failsafe lock

Quick Release mount

Ergonomic grip

Accessory bracket

Upper hand-support

Bottom hand-support

Power-Grip, the platform rotated to 45 degrees to accommodate natural arm and hand position. Pick it up, insert your phone and see for yourself. Ergonomics at work and your arms and hands will thank you :)

> Keep your elbows close to the body for  better support.   

> You can place the rig on any flat surface and record. Some phone or camcorders may not balance properly. Make sure it is secure enough to use it in this mode.

Images on the right are free-standing,

on the base plate:




(to mount your camera and accessories) phone-video-recording phone-video-recording

 * Camera and accessory shown in the images not included with purchase of BlackWing platform.

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