PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording

MoJo-PRO, is a Mobile Phone Stabilizer, Universal Mount for Action Camera, Camcorder, DSLR, GoPro, Tripod for a Steady Video Recording, Used by Mobile Journalists, (MoJo), News Crew, and Film-Makers, for Documentary Projects

What’s in the  package

2ea. Ergonomic hand-grips
1ea. Smart phone secure mount & extension
1ea. CNC machined, aluminum platform
3ea. Precision QR sets (receiver and plate)
1ea. GoPro mount and screw
2ea. Harness ring
1ea. Shoulder strap
4ea. Mounting screws(1/4-20) (spare)
1ea. Belt clip
1ea. Ball-joint

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Each MoJo-PRO is assembled and tested in the USA

Please note:
Accessory shown in the pictures are not included.

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 * Camera and accessory shown in the images not included with purchase of BlackWing platform.

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We made these products for PRO-film makers and gave away all our profit (100%) to film projects.


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(Replace the /at/ with @ sign) PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod-monopod PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording


Comes with three installed QR Sets

GoPro Mount

Shoulder Strap Rings

Perfect Platform for Mobile Journalist (MoJo) PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording

Stereo microphone to Smart-Phone Audio Feed PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod

On tripod

Off tripod

Mount a Small Camcorder, Camera, Tripod
(Accessories not included) PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording

Film Makers, Do You Have a Beast-Grip?

Lets face it, the BeastGrip is great accessory allows you to mount lenses and shoot securely with your phone. However one thing is missing, a comfortable platform and hand-grips to shoot without fatigue. You know what we’re saying, right? There is no way you can shoot with the BeastGrip without getting lots of arm and hand pain, unless you mount  it on a tripod. Well, there goes your mobility.

Take it off the tripod and shoot with the MoJo-PRO the way you want. We guarantee you will not get carpal-tunnel-syndrome if you use our platform and ergonomic hand-grips. Our grips and platform designed in the USA by pro shooters. Let the entire weight of the rig sit on TOP of your hands.
No more squeezing the grips as with those imported ‘broom-stick’ handles.
You will get comfort, flexibility with our rig. PRO-BeastGrip-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording PRO-BeastGrip-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording

Do you have an DJI-OSMO and Mobile Stabilizer?

We custom make PRO Rigs for OSMO products:


Click on this link for OSMO, OSMO-Mobile-1 phone-video-recording

OSMO-Mobile-2 BlackWing Satbilizer Platform is here

Click on this link for the OSMO-Mobile-2

LED light option

Audio recorder option

Control Your  GopPro with a Smart-Phone

You can control your GoPro camera with your phone and watch it on a larger smart-phone screen. In addition,  you can snap on an audio recorder, or feed the sound from a stereo field recorder the same time  (left image)

Need light on the subject?
Snap in an LED light of your choice. (center image)

See more examples how you can create your custom rig in seconds with any camera, phone or even a small size camcorders. PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod

GoPro camera & mount PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod-Mobile-smart phone-video-recording PRO-camcorder-video-stabilizer-platform-with-audio recorder-and-GoPro assembly-tripod